nRad Systems

nrad - product pagenRad Research and Development Systems

The nRad line of slot die coaters are small-footprint, lower cost yet very high performance systems based upon nTact’s patented technology and engineered specifically for use in R&D and pre-production environments. The nRad’s simple yet flexible design provides accurate deposition of a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. The system is available in two sizes:

nRad – with a standard configurations for processing 150mm, and options for processing substrates up to an A4 (210x300mm) as well as 6  and 8 inch wafers.

nRad2 – the nRad’s big brother, with a standard configurations for processing 300mm, and options for processing substrates up to Gen2 (370x470mm) as well as up to 12 inch wafers.

nRad R2R – modules available to turn the nRad into a flexible and cost effective R&D platform for roll-toroll processes. Click here to go to nRad R2R page.

System Highlights:

  • nRad w enclosure2 copyPatented technology and proprietary design provide reliable performance in a small package
  • Capable of depositing thin films from 20nm to over 100ɥm
  • Process viscosities ranging from under 1 cP to several thousand cP’s / mPa-s.
  • Compact system is compatible with most standard glove boxes and laboratory bench tops
  • Linear servomotor driven air bearing stage assures smooth operation and accurate coating
  • User friendly controls with on board touch screen and PC based software
  • Various options available for extended process flexibility
  • Extremely low fill volumes ideal for testing small samples of material
  • Recipe parameters and process development all transferable to nTact’s larger production systems.