M Braun Inert Gas Systems

nTact and MBraun have been working for several years now and recently formalized their relationship via a partnership agreement to jointly offer nTact slot die coating systems fully integrated into MBraun’s inert gas glove box systems.

“The M Braun Group is very excited about the opportunity to add the nTact slot die coating line to our comprehensive set of OLED, OPV, and SSL research and production solutions. The partnership with nTact gives M Braun the ability better to support and advance research in coating applications
under inert gas processing environments.”

 Martin Reinelt, President and CEO



Holst Centre

nTact has been working with the Holst Centre since 2008 and officially became a partner in 2010.  The partnership is focused on applying nTact’s unique coating technology to a continuous roll-to-roll process for large area printing or OLED lighting and OPV devices.

“We are very proud to have nTact on board. Having access to their unique technology and being able to contribute to it is a big asset for our own researchers and the other partners in the program.”
 Ronn Andriessen, Program Manager Large-Area Printing



Smit Ovens

In order to address the needs for inline, conveyor based automation processing, nTact and Smit Ovens formed a partnership to provide fully integrated inline slot die coater and subsequent inline curing systems.



PSM Inc.

PSM Plasma Systems is global leader plasma technology for LCD, Semiconductor and other microelectronics applications.  Due to the natural fit of the two technologies, nTact and PSM formed a partnership where nTact agreed to act as PSM’s exclusive agent for their AP Plasma systems and technology for FPD and Organic and Printed Electronics applications in the US and Europe.



VDL Flow

nTact and VDL have agreed to cooperate to offer fully integrated, custom roll-to-roll process lines, which include nTact’s unique coating technology for printed and organic electronics applications demanding high level of tolerances and performance.



Plextronics Inc. (Solvay)

Plextronics specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling conductive polymers and inks for use in organic electronic applications. nTact and Plextorincs have been collaborating since 2009, using nTact’s slot die coating systems to optimize Plextronics’ materials for OLED and OPV applications.

“The nDeavor and nRad slot die coaters from nTact have greatly improved our ability to develop and provide advanced Plexcore aqueous and non-aqueous HIL inks to researchers & process developers interested in OLED and OPV.”
– Caton Goodman, Manager, Process Engineering