Stephen Newman, President & COO

Steve has over 20 years of experience in Flat Panel Display process equipment, material handling automation, and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) engineering design and software controls technology. Formerly, he was the founder and President of SBA Technical and Vice President & General Manager of Presswerx, Inc. Steve has been instrumental in the development of the nTact nDeavor series extrusion coaters and AOI systems. Prior to his position as President and COO, Steve held the position of Senior Vice President Engineering at FAS Holdings Group, dba nTact.


Greg Gibson, Chief Business & Technology Officer

Greg joined the Company shortly after its inception and was the lead technical contributor in the development of nTact’s slot die coating (extrusion coating) technology. Greg has more than 30 years of experience in FPD and semiconductor equipment manufacturing and related process equipment. He is a named inventor in numerous patents in the area of high-purity fluid filtration dispensing and advanced coating techniques.  Over the years he has also been active as a board member of the US Display Consortium, and continues to have an active role chairing committees for the Society of Information Display (SID).


Miguel Friedrich, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Friedrich has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations and finance. He originally joined the Company as a management consultant to help through an organizational restructure and during the joint venture period with NexTech Solutions held the positions of and Vice President of Marketing.  Before joining nTact, Mr. Friedrich was Vice President at Hughes-Roth Capital Markets, a private investment bank focusing on Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Finance, where he was responsible for business development and instrumental in the Company’s signing and structuring of over half a billion dollars in financing projects.


Scott Snodgrass, Director, Engineering

Mr. Snodgrass joined the Company in 1990 while completing his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. Following graduation he continued with the Company, eventually expanding his role to Director of Engineering, and has been a key contributor in the development of slot die coating (extrusion coating) products and core methodologies, which has resulted in the award of several patents in that field. His experience also includes leadership roles for projects in both domestic and overseas markets, as well as the stewardship of the company’s intellectual property portfolio.


Miguel Gallegos, Director, Process Development